Clayton Community Church

Clayton Community Church is a church in Clayton, NC, is a church that’s near and easy-to-get-to from Riverwood, Flowers Plantation, Glen Laurel, Archer Lodge, and Wendell, NC.  We are a Bible-believing church, have a reverent & soul-satisfying worship service, a great Youth Group, a Kids’ Sunday School Hour (with Biblical content and loving teachers) for ages four & up (with a Nursery for younger kids), and a Biblically rich Sunday School for adults.  Come and learn!  During Worship, there is Children's Worship and a Nursery.   Please visit for worthwhile Bible teaching, God-centered worship, a great Kids’ and Youth program, and people who are laid-back, humble, loving, and real. 

When you visit, you’ll feel relaxed, comfortable, and at home.  You’ll be glad you came!

Friendly People       Reverent Worship       Worthwhile Teaching

If you’re looking to know Jesus more deeply, you’ll like it here.

If you want friends who are real & non-judgmental, this is the place.

If you’d rather know Jesus than just be made busy, come.

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Healthy Souls . . .

and always about Christ.

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see us on:

Come to learn about Jesus in a friendly, welcoming, low-key environment.
Come and see how:

Jesus is God, and He forgives sins.

Not a social club with Jesus attached,

but a group gathered to learn of

and worship Jesus.

Worship:  10:45 a.m.

Welcome.  You're invited!

We’d love to have you visit.

Have your soul satisfied

here by the deep truths of Jesus.

Sunday Worship begins @10:45.

Click on the video above

for a welcome and introduction to the church from our pastor.