Top facts that Architects should know about Terrazzo Tiles

When a client commits a project into the hands of a competent architect, there are typical expectations that may come up. At the same time, no matter how big or small the workspace is, a professional architect optimizes the freedom to bring out the expected beauty. Similarly, he must understand the qualitative and quantitative dimensions. Meanwhile, the art of building architecture is not everyday design work. visit to learn more about terrazzo tiles.

Building architecture for both interior and exterior aspects of work includes physiological, psychological, and physical responses. Meanwhile, apart from the space for work, they also need to manage the available materials for use. Such areas may include the floors, walls, tabletops, and other room portions. These materials can also be helpful for different functions and usage. This article will consider some of the essential factors that architects need to note. 


No matter how good or beautiful your design is, the beauty will not show if you refuse to tidy up the environment and the worksite. Have you wondered that it does not look good enough in the building process until the work is finished and cleaning is done? In the same way, no architect should undermine the necessity of cleaning the work area after the project is done. Meanwhile, simply cleaning can be done with warm water, natural cleaner, and mop. 

Furthermore, terrazzo tiles for floors can be exceptionally stain-resistant on many grounds. This attribute becomes an advantage in the installation process for the walls and flooring process itself because of the extra layer of protection. Similarly, there really is no need for anyone to worry about the possible contaminants, including water. The reason is that aside from proper installation, the surface of terrazzo tiles has an extra layer that cannot be soaked. 


Longevity is the length of time that the terrazzo tiles can last with all their component materials. It is therefore essential to consider how long the structure you are building can last. Definitely, no architect wants to complete a project that will require another touch of repair in no time. Building longevity is one way to establish your professionalism because it shows the quality of what you do. Meanwhile, it takes more than mere wishing to actually working. 

In one way, clients may first want to know whether the building is residential or commercial. The next matter will be the required materials to reinforce the terrazzo structure when this fact is established. Finally, a professional architect should pick the flooring material that is durable enough to sustain any possible damage for many years to come.

Ideally, the life expectancy of a structure of terrazzo tiles is up to 75 years. In other words, the terrazzo tiles of the best quality can even last much more than the house itself. So, while a home can only last for 50 years on average, terrazzo tiles will outlast it. Meanwhile, the terrazzo tiles we refer to are a VOC-free matter with recycled materials in the mixture. This recycling process implies that we can safeguard our environment more.

Aesthetic value 

Terrazzo tiles are mainly about beauty, and therefore, the aesthetic value is significant. In other words, a professional architect should consider the appearance of the tiles for design. For instance, a standard terrazzo is made from small stone chips, which are healthy ground and polished to bring out the brightest side. On the other hand, Venetian is an equally similar ground and polished state, but it has bigger stone chips than others.

Therefore, standard terrazzo, which contains more minor chips, can be further mixed with the larger stone chips to make a complete design. Besides, the rustic part of the uniform texture has a finished pattern with exposed stone chips. You can obtain this texture by spraying the surface before a binder with the complete set. In addition, there is also another type of terrazzo tile, which is the Palladiana that has a more mosaic finish with characteristic large stones as well. It works this way for standard terrazzo tiles as well. 

Maintenance Cost

At this point, we already know that it takes some level of investment to set up terrazzo tiles, which has a high initial cost. The cost includes that of the original materials that are required and the cost of installation under ideal conditions. However, terrazzo tiles can compensate for this initial cost by requiring much less to maintain and the length of time it can last. Similarly, you can begin to weigh your options in terms of your decision to go for terrazzo.

Depending on your budget level, a professional architect is not supposed to have permanent problems with financing the project. Also, there are projections that a pro architect should look at. Still, in this case, only emergency matters could defy this rule. Suppose you identify any item on the budget list that is less important. In that case, you may remove it until there is enough to function. The investment would be worth it in the long run, but the decision must be mature.

Furthermore, terrazzo suppliers may have a role to play in it while negotiating for cheaper aggregates. But be careful of taking a reduction to avoid compromising of the project output quality. Your output must be of the optimum quality possible in the best possible way. Pro Architects enjoy the pleasantness of achieving a quality delivery that remains within budget and lasts for the expected time. 


In conclusion, when architects are consulted for the right design and implemented perfectly, it becomes a good pedigree. Note that terrazzo tiles have different types and can be categorized under other conditions. Therefore, it may massively solve the problem, especially if you consider many hidden factors. Tile and Bath Co offers unique terrazzo tiles and other related products for you to check out. 

Edward Gould